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We know that no one wants to be waking up early in the morning during winter to shovel or clean up the snow. You don’t want to go outside and come back feeling like you just survived a blizzard. Wintertime makes some people happy for many reasons, but there are downfalls that everyone has to go through. Having your driveway covered in snow or your car windows stuck can be things that make us all upset. No one has the time to shovel every morning and make it to work on time. If you own commercial properties, you definitely won’t be having the time to shovel all the snow yourself.

  1. Pay per push or pay per event. This contract is for property managers who want to pay for snow removal services if snowfalls. If no snow needs to be cleaned, you will not be charged for the services. You will also be saving tons of money from having to pay monthly fees. Generally, when more than two inches of snow on the ground, you will be charged for snow removal services.
  2. Seasonal contracts are typically two to three-year agreements. This is when you pay for snow removal fees monthly. The contract is only active during the winter months, which means you will be saving money. Over the past few years, winter has become worse with snowfall and temperatures. This is why it is the best time to invest in a contract now so that you don’t have to clean your own property.
  3. Full-service seasonal contracts. This is for commercial properties that are at high risk of heavy snowfall. There are laws that require you to have clean sidewalks whenever it snows for the state of the public. You won’t have the time to be cleaning piles of snow, that is why there are snow removal services.

Snow removal contracts will help you a lot when winter arrives, especially if you don’t want to be cleaning your own property. You have no time to clean the snow outside, especially when you have loads of work. If you are looking for landscaping, snow removal or renovations in Hamilton, contact Dream Concepts.