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You’ve probably been spending a lot on home renovations in Hamilton because of the pandemic, or at least thinking about it. If you are finding that those little things that bother you about your home are really taking a toll on you now, then your home could use a refresh. But you might not have thousands to spend on a major Hamilton renovation, then that’s fine. There are plenty of other home renovation projects that you can make without needing to break the bank. 

Paint the Front Door

You can help boost your home’s curb appeal at such a small cost by painting your front door a new colour. A good coat of primer and a few coats of exterior paint and your door will look brand new and give your home a new look overall. Research shows that a home’s value can increase by $8000 just by updating the front door. Your paint will probably cost you less than $200 and if you want you can install some new hardware as well. 

Use Wallpaper to make a Bold Accent Wall 

Adding some wallpaper can immediately transform the look of any room in your house. It can be a bathroom, a bedroom or dining room, even a living room. The cost will depend on how big your wall is and the type of wallpaper that you pick. But if you choose a smaller wall and less expensive type of wallpaper then you can usually keep costs lower than $500. You can even save money on installation costs by putting up the wallpaper yourself. Peel and stick wallpaper makes this an easy home improvement DIY project. 

Add in New Textiles

You can change the overall vibe of your living or bedroom by switching out your textiles. We recommend starting out with your rug, and then picking some throw blankets or pillows to match.

Change Window Treatments

Installing some new windows can be pricey, but a great and cheaper alternative to this is switching out your window treatments. Getting a new set of curtains or drapes can cost well under $500. 

Install New Light Fixtures

Lighting is a very important thing to consider to update in your home. And it won’t be too expensive to install some updated overhead lighting fixtures in the home, or add some floor or table lamps to a room. You should be able to spend well below your budget for this upgrade. 

Clean up Your House’s Exterior

Many realtors will suggest that giving a good, thorough cleaning of the front of your home can help increase its value by many thousands of dollars. But the cost of making this improvement is very low! You can rent a pressure washer for less than $100 to help clean off any dirt and mildew from your home. Or you can hire a professional landscaping company in Hamilton to get the job done properly.