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Every part of a home should make a statement, especially the outside. The back and front yard of one’s home is so important. Whether you are entertaining friends, resting by the pool or taking care of the garden, being outside should always make you smile. Give your curb appeal a makeover that reflects your personality and style. We promise you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!

Dream Concepts will make your dream backyard a reality. Follow our guide below on the best landscaping tips to follow so we can get started!

Find Your Inspiration

Whether it’s seeing a garden you admire in your neighbour’s backyard, or spotting an awesome walkway design online, keep a log of it! Inspiration can come from anywhere and that’s why it’s important to keep notes and keep pictures of it all. Dream Concepts has an entire gallery filled with endless inspiration for you to browse through. From beautiful walkways, seating areas, and gardens, our work is sure to impress.

Choose a Colour Scheme

You should choose a landscaping colour scheme that works well with the exterior of your home. Before you decide on what plants you want to have in the garden, consider their colours. If your home has a wooden exterior or is a modern home, tall green plants or grass complement it well. Tall, green plants and grass blend right into the stone gardens to look natural. However, if you have a Victorian-style home or home with a unique character, plants with many colours look great. 

Select the Plants

Our landscapers offer whole garden designs and can help you with your plant selection. If you have certain plants that you want in your garden, let us know. Certain plants require very little maintenance, whereas others require frequent looking after. 

If you’re going for a more traditional landscape design, Hydrangeas have both a formal and natural beauty. If you want to create room for outdoor living space, Japanese Bloodgrass and Ivory Silk lilacs fit great in minimalist planting areas. If you want a more private backyard area, ‘Dawyck Purple’ beech plants make for a secluded and serene area. Walking up the steps to the home can be surrounded by hostas and hydrangeas for a modern and inviting feel.

Pick Your Walkway Stones

A gorgeous walkway that compliments your home is impressive to both you and your guests! There are a wide variety of stones to choose from that all depends on your taste and what suits your home. A wood slice walkway suits an earthy, rustic home and yard to emphasise a naturistic feel. Whereas, stamped concrete walkways that are textured or coloured give off warmth and tradition. 

Dream Concepts is here to help with your landscaping in Hamilton’s needs. We’ll make your dream landscape concept come true for the best price. With nearly a decade of landscape development experience, we’ll take your dream ideas and merge them with reality. 

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