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Once you achieve a beautiful garden that is healthy, you will want to maintain it as best you can. The following tips will help so that you can spend more time enjoying your garden instead of worrying about it.

  1. Always take the time to examine plants carefully before you head to check out because you want to make sure that you buy plants that have good roots and zero diseases. If you don’t pay close attention, you may purchase a plant with bad roots that will spread diseases into your garden. Never select a plant with rotted stems, insects or dead spots because a sick plant will spread its problems to your healthy plants, resulting in a disaster. Check the tops of the plants you’re interested in as well as the root quality. 
  2. Look out for bugs because they can transport viruses and bacteria into your plants and the damage will be more than just cosmetics. Your plants will become weak and stressed, which will affect the health of your garden negatively.
  3. Conduct a thorough clean-up during the fall season. This will not only prevent diseases from making their way into your plants, but it will also control the ones that are already present in your garden. If you fail to do this, the diseases will carry over even throughout the winter season and attack the new leaves that appear in the spring. You can prevent this by clearing up the dead leaves and debris every fall. 
  4. Do not apply too much fertilizer because it will damage your plants. It may burn the roots, which will reduce their ability to absorb water and remain healthy because your plants will be more susceptible to stress from both the cold and the heat, meaning they won’t survive in any season. Try to avoid guesswork by getting a soil test so that you know exactly how much to apply. 
  5. Water in moderation because just as much as plants require water to survive, so do diseases. Water properly and if you are doing it by hand, make sure you use the right techniques. For example, hold the leaves out of the way when watering roots to avoid helping the diseases grow. More water is not always better because you can suffocate the roots, which will allow for rotting fungi to appear. 

Dream Concepts in Hamilton can help you maintain your healthy garden through their landscaping services so that you can enjoy it year after year. They also offer snow removal services and can assist with renovations, so give them a call today!