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A beautifully designed and well-maintained curb appeal enhances the appearance of one’s home and can even boost its value. High-quality landscaping can exceed exterior design expectations greatly to cut down maintenance time and costs. However, not all landscaping companies in Hamilton share the same experience, skill or passion as Dream Concepts. Choosing a landscape design company that offers more than the basics is key to sensible investment.

Your time is valuable, which is why we’ve comprised a list of the four essential attributes a good landscape company should have. Check out the qualities below:

1) The Company’s Qualifications

From the outside looking in, landscaping may seem like a fairly straightforward, leisurely task. However, landscaping can very easily be done inefficiently and leave your beautiful backyard far worse. Hiring just any landscaping company, without confirming their qualifications, is a hazardous situation. Dream Concepts landscapers are thoroughly trained, qualified, certified and dedicated to each project we work on. A professional landscaping company will be proud of its past works and display them on its site for potential clients to browse through. Our photo gallery is comprised of incredible landscaping projects we’ve completed and are proud of!

2) Goes Beyond The Basics

A landscaping company that advertises itself as a fully-equipped service should offer various services beyond landscaping. Your curb appeal doesn’t stop requiring maintenance and care during the wintertime. Dream Concepts services extend beyond landscaping basics to ensure your home is receiving care year-round. During the wintertime, we offer snow removal at your Hamilton home to keep your driveway snow and ice-free! We also offer Hamilton home renovations, including everything from the bathrooms to the basement, home remodeling, and even roofing. There’s no need to contact a contractor for additional work when Dream Concepts can handle it all for you.

3) Reliability and Flexibility

Reliability is a necessity in the landscaping industry because landscapers are completing large projects on your home. You have to be able to trust, rely on and confide in the landscaping company to guarantee they give you your dream home results. Dream Concepts will always provide meticulous service to your project and deliver on your dream. We have over eight years of experience, have been awarded the Trillium Award Design in 2009 for garden design, and develop strong, trustworthy relationships with our clients. 

4) Great Customer Service

With any company you’re hiring, you understand the importance of good customer service, and so do Dream Concepts! Our landscapers are friendly, attentive, informative and always work to resolve and find solutions to ensure your dream home comes to life.

Dream Concepts is a viable option for landscaping, home renovations, and snow removal services in Hamilton. We go beyond what’s expected of a landscaping company to give you the full service your home deserves! Give us a call and we’ll discuss your project in detail, give you a FREE estimate and get started on turning your dream into a reality today!