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The staff at Dream Concepts is dedicated to keeping you safe during the winter. Whether you’re driving or walking, our crew makes every effort to clear roads. Between 376 lane kilometers of roads and 70 kilometers of sidewalks, we clean and clear as efficiently as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated. 

Who Do I Call If I Have A Concern?

If you have concerns as it pertains to snow removal, please call the City of Hamilton. If your concern has to do with snow-related concerns on residential driveways, or sidewalks, call us at Dream Concepts.

Are All Roads Cleared At Once?

No. When the snow reaches 8cm, the town clears secondary roads first for emergency vehicles. After secondary roads, residential roads are cleared as long as snow there reaches 10cm. Streets that require plowing are cleared within 24 hours of the storm, depending on the severity of the storm.

What Are Primary, Secondary, And Residential Roads?

Primary roads are the ones with the highest speeds and most traffic. Secondary roads have less traffic and usually lead to primary roads. Some residential roads are referred to as secondary roads as a result of traffic, or because of the presence of schools, hills, or valleys.

What Is A “Snowpack”?

Snowpack is hard-packed snow on a roadway.

When Does The Town Salt/Sand The Road?

At the start of a snowfall and when the ice starts to form over the roads.

What Is A Windrow?

The accumulation of snow at the end of a driveway. 

Why Do Snowplow Operators Leave A Windrow At The End Of My Driveway?

This isn’t done intentionally. Operators have very limited control over the amount and direction of snow that the plow drives through.

When Are Transit Stops Cleared?

Cleared by Hamilton Transit. Contact 905-527-4441 if you have any further questions regarding this topic.

When Are Sidewalks Cleared?

Once snow reaches 2.5cm. The clearing is usually completed within 24 hours of a storm, depending on the severity.

Am I Allowed To Push Snow Onto The Road?

This could create some serious damage to other vehicles and could even cause accidents.

What If The Snowplow Hits My Mailbox?

If a snowplow hits your mailbox, call the town at 905-546-2489. Town staff will inspect the damage and based on their assessment, you could get a new mailbox on a 4”x4” post. Mailboxes that are knocked over by snow thrown off the plow blade will not be replaced by the town.

Why Do Corner Lots Have More Snow In Their Driveways?

The nature of the snowplow and its inability to maneuver certain turns make this a situation that is unavoidable.

Why Does The Sidewalk Plow Damage My Lawn?

Sometimes, the degree of damage is unavoidable. Sidewalk plows are built to be big enough and strong enough to clear snow that may be too heavy otherwise. If you have any more questions, call the town at 905-546-2489.