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Shovelling snow is time-consuming and very difficult, and if you need help clearing snow from your property, you will need to hire commercial snow removal services. Snow will get heavy fast, so it can be dangerous to move with just a shovel, and the reality is that most of us do not have the time to shovel snow after a hectic day and regardless of whether you’re not able or willing to clear snow, a professional snow removal company can help.

If you’re interested in this idea, there are a few key pieces of information you need to be aware of, and you have to take the time to learn about their commercial snow removal services before you proceed. As winter is right around the corner, make sure you keep the following in mind before you hire someone to clear snow on your property:

Check Their References

Do this thoroughly and do it fast so that you’re ready whenever the first snowfall hits. Taking this step before you need their services will help you hire the right team, and you will not struggle to find someone during the busy season, which can be next to impossible. Start your search early and ask your friends, neighbours and other business owners for a recommendation and find out about their experiences with the snow removal contractors they’ve worked with. You should also call the contractors directly to ensure they are active professionals with their services and customer service skills.

Make Sure You Ask For A Written Estimate

Once you narrow down your list of contractors, schedule an on-site evaluation of your property and ask for a written estimate, which any professional team will provide. You should also ask about their policies regarding property damage and how to terminate a contract if you are unhappy with their services. Never settle for word-of-mouth and get everything in writing.

Look At The Services Being Offered And The Charges

Once you receive a written estimate, review it thoroughly, make sure you understand the services and charges and ask for clarification if you have any questions or concerns. Look at how your property will be cleared and the charges that apply to each service so that there are no surprises. You should also ask about salt and sand and any additional charges that would apply.

Read Through Your Contract Carefully

Never sign a contract unless you are comfortable with the information being presented. Review the contract carefully before you sign it and make sure every detail is included in writing so that there is no room for disagreements once everything is finalized. It’s also important that you read all disclaimers, waivers and fine print so that there are no surprises. Any discrepancies should be addressed before you sign the contract, and do not be afraid to discuss changes if you are unhappy with what you read.

If you are looking for reputable commercial snow removal services, Dream Concepts can help. We will gladly discuss our rates and services, so contact us today for more information!