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Homeowners have the opportunity to contribute to protecting the natural world, and making your garden eco-friendly is a great place to start. Thanks to ethically-sourced materials and innovative technology, there are a ton of possibilities in this regard, and the following guide will provide you with a few ideas.

Recycle Materials

This is the perfect way to go green, so always recycle and reuse materials and get creative in this regard. Old scaffolding boards, tin buckets and clay pipes are a few examples of things you can use, and these items will allow your garden to look beautiful and charming. You can add lots of character to your outdoor space by reusing items, so think outside the box and look through junk shops for unique pieces of décor.

Focus on Eco-Materials

Green materials will help reduce your carbon footprint, so use materials that are sourced and made by your local community. Oak, clay, log walls, woven pillows and straw bales are great options you can consider for garden décor, and all of these materials are full of character, so your garden will stand out and will be visually appealing. Look around in your area to see what is available, and remember that while raw materials will be cheaper, labour costs may not be.

Shop for Local Materials

Paving materials and pergolas that have been sourced or built locally will allow your garden to be eco-friendly. Additionally, this will help reduce your garden’s carbon footprint, and you will support nearby businesses as well.

Reduce Chemical Use

If you need to combat pests in your garden, employ natural methods. A strong jet of water power, garlic, elder and rhubarb leaf sprays will all help control garden pests and covering weeds with plastic sheeting will help kill them off.

Consider Eco-Friendly Plants

If you want to create an organic garden, you have to choose the right plants as these will provide shelter and food and will create the perfect habitats for beneficial wildlife. Local plants and trees are ideal, and hedges are great, as are climbers like ivy. Make sure you place your plants in the right areas so that they can thrive.

Make Your Own Compost

Recycling green waste is also very important and what’s great about this step is that it will not cost you anything. Lawn clippings, hedge trimmings, tea bags, egg boxes, wood ash, leaves, and shredded newspaper are some of the things you can add to your compost but make sure you avoid meat, and glossy paper, and cooked foods.

Your garden needs to be a place of comfort and joy, and if you want to improve this space, the experts at Dream Concepts can help. We specialize in landscaping, renovations, and snow removal, so if you are in Hamilton, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help!