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If your flower beds are in need of renovations, there are certain tips that will help. The key is to take your time to prepare the planting bed properly because this will make a very big difference.

If you want to renovate your plant beds the way professional landscapers do, make sure you consider the following:

Clean Them

This has to be your first step because overgrown flower beds will not allow you to be successful. Messy weeds, dead flowers, rocks, and decomposing leaves need to be removed so that you can start fresh and this is the only way you will achieve a clean look and healthy plants. Neglected flower beds will prevent your plants from thriving, so you need to clean them out first.

Add Fresh Topsoil

Older beds will not have the nutrients plants require, so you will have to add some compost with the topsoil along with granular fertilizer so that it is enriched. It’s important that you don’t overdo it with the fertilizer because excessive amounts can actually burn your plants, so always read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow their recommendations. If you want to incorporate shrubs or trees in your new landscape bed, use fertilizer tablets that can be tucked into the ground, as this will lead to success.

Use Barrier Fabric For Weed

You cannot renovate a flower bed with plastic, so stay away from this material and use fabric instead. It’s also recommended that you spend some money on this aspect because if you use the cheap stuff, you will have to complete this process all over again and will have to start from scratch. To prevent this from happening, use 20-year fabric and place it down right on top of your topsoil and overlap the edges so that weeds do not grow in between them. Next, cut an X where each of your plants will extend through the fabric and staple the material every few feet. This is what the professionals do to prevent the growth of weeds and is very effective.

Add Plants

When doing this, you need to factor in the size of the plants at maturity so that you can space them out properly. Tuck them into each of the X’s you cut in your weed barrier fabric and make sure you leave enough room for each plant to grow and thrive. Planting annuals is great but it’s important to include permanent plants as well.

Add Mulch

Topping off your flower bed with a few inches of mulch or bark is the last step and will provide you with that finishing touch. Mulch not only looks great, but adds a uniform appearance as well and creates a nice balance amongst flower beds.

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